Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included?


  • Transportation to and from our custom butcher for processing
  • Custom cut and wrapped
  • Delicious and healthy beef cuts in one shipment

What is “hanging weight”?


“Hanging weight” is the weight of the animal after the slaughter process which removes the head, internal organs, hooves, hide.  You can expect a “take home weight” in packaged meat of 60%-70% of the hanging weight, depending on the cuts.

How much meat will I take home?


A whole beef ‘take home’ weight is about 250-350lbs depending on the animal, a half is about 130-157lbs, and a quarter 60-85lbs.  We will estimate as close as possible at the beginning, but please remember that the final weights will vary and we can’t give you an exact number until the butcher calls your order is ready.

How much freezer space do I need?


For each 25 pounds of packaged beef you will need about 1 cubic foot of freezer space.  So if you order a quarter of beef, you need about 5 cubic feet for a half of a beef, you’ll need about 10 cubic feet for a whole.

How much do I pay for the beef?


We will contact you with the exact cost of your beef.  Estimated in 2021, a quarter of beef, processing included, costs about $800-$950.  A half of a beef costs approximately $1400-$1600 and a whole animal approximately $2800-$3200.  Please keep in mind, these are averages and will vary based on the hanging weight of your beef.

When will my order be ready?


We will contact you when we send the animal for processing and then contact you when the meat is available for pick up at the farm.  We estimate your meat will be processed and ready to be picked up at Delaney Farms by the end of January 2023.  

How do I select my cuts?


After contact from Delaney Farms that your animal has been sent to be processed, please contact our processor EBELS MEAT PROCESSING directly at (231) 826-4124 to give instructions for your cuts.  Our recommended cut out contains the following cuts below for a 1/4 beef.  Please keep in mind, these are example cuts with varying weight averages.

Example List Of What You Get In a 1/4:

  • 20-30 lbs. ground beef
  • (2-3) chuck roasts
  • (1) rib roast or (6-9) rib steaks
  • (1) brisket
  • (4) 1lb. packs stew meat
  • (2) 2lb. packs short ribs
  • (2) 3lbs. /each London Broil
  • (2-3) bottom round roast
  • (1-2) eye round roast
  • (1-2) rump roast
  • (4) 1lb packs chip steaks
  • (5-7) sirloin steaks
  • (1-2) porterhouse steak
  • (6-8) t-bone steaks