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Upland & Retriever Dog Training Meeting

Event: Upland & Retriever Dog Training Meeting
Date: March 28, 2018 | 7:00

Crooked Foot Upland Bird & Game Hunting Club are all about teaching you how to train your bird dog. Summer training is geared to help bird dog owners develop a better relationship with their dogs, both at home and in the field. Upland group training class will adapt to all levels of participants ranging from beginner to advanced, test preparations and pre-season tune ups to get dogs in shape. Retriever dog training includes set-ups of marks and blinds, both on land and in water, duck and pheasant retrieval training with live flyers and dead, and much more.

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Rick Smith Seminars

Intermediate Seminar
Date: March 16-18, 2018
Price: $795.00
Rick Smith, Instructor

At the Intermediate Seminar you are well on your way to having your dog trained using the Smith method. At this point, your dog has a solid foundation and has completed his whoa post work. The Intermediate Seminar will take you through the transition to the e-collar. This transition to light cues with an e-collar allows an off lead heel, honoring another dog’s point, and steadying your dog on game. This seminar enables you to move away from training with the mechanical cues of a rope. One-on-one sessions with Rick combined with numerous opportunities for learning from dogs on their bird work, make this a particularly fun seminar. The agenda for this seminar will fluctuate according to the level and proficiency of each class. In order for your dog to be ready to participate in this level, your dog needs to have completed the whoa post series. These seminars are geared to help you develop a better relationship with your dog, both at home and in the field. Our format concentrates on animal behavior and reading what each individual animal is feeling. We believe that to understand the world through your dog’s point of view, you first have to be able to understand your dog’s nature. Throughout the weekend we will give you tips on reading your dog’s body language, as it is your dog’s sole means of communicating with you. Packed full of great information, the seminars are also a lot of fun and a good way to meet other people that are active with their bird dogs. Our seminars have something to offer people at every level of expertise. So bring your dog and a lawn chair and come have a fun weekend with us! All breeds and levels of experience are welcome!


This is a perfect opportunity to get your kid involved in the outdoors, get your kid interested in dogs, AND build the right foundation for training dogs for the rest of their lives.

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Phone: 734-564-3305

Foundation Seminar
Date: July 14-15, 2018
Price: $395.00/Person
Rick Smith, Instructor

Spend the weekend with Rick learning about the nature of bird dogs and how to train them successfully. Rick is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to bird dogs and he is easy to talk with which makes him a great mentor! During this seminar Rick will walk you through the first stage of training your bird dog, the Foundation Level.

Hands on training will begin at 8:00 Saturday and Sunday mornings. During the seminar Rick will go over the Foundation Level of training in depth and get you going through the steps with your dog. You will work on bird introductions, check cording to birds, pointing, honoring, recalling, heeling, and general behavior issues. Rick will teach you to start reading your dog’s behavior and help you to understand what your dog is truly feeling. Seminar sessions will adjourn at 4:00 pm. If you have any questions regarding this seminar, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dan Canedo