Dog Training

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Event: Upland & Retriever Dog Training Meeting
Date: To Be Determined | 

Crooked Foot Upland Bird & Game Hunting Club are all about teaching you how to train your bird dog. Summer training is geared to help bird dog owners develop a better relationship with their dogs, both at home and in the field. Upland group training class will adapt to all levels of participants ranging from beginner to advanced, test preparations and pre-season tune ups to get dogs in shape. Retriever dog training includes set-ups of marks and blinds, both on land and in water, duck and pheasant retrieval training with live flyers and dead, and much more.

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Rick Smith Seminars

Foundation Seminar
Date: July 11-12, 2020
Price: $400.00/Person
Rick Smith, Instructor

Spend the weekend with Rick learning about the nature of bird dogs and how to train them successfully. Rick is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to bird dogs and he is easy to talk with which makes him a great mentor! During this seminar Rick will walk you through the first stage of training your bird dog, the Foundation Level.

Hands on training will begin at 8:00 Saturday and Sunday mornings. During the seminar Rick will go over the Foundation Level of training in depth and get you going through the steps with your dog. You will work on bird introductions, check cording to birds, pointing, honoring, recalling, heeling, and general behavior issues. Rick will teach you to start reading your dog’s behavior and help you to understand what your dog is truly feeling. Seminar sessions will adjourn at 4:00 pm. If you have any questions regarding this seminar, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dan Canedo