About Us

Our promise to you

To provide guests with a true hunting experience and exciting, unique shooting opportunities.

And a little bit more about us

At Crooked Foot Hunt Club, our facilities and activities include a clay-target sporting range for shotgun-sport enthusiasts, European Tower Shoots for a unique shooting experience, dog training and field events. The upland-game-bird hunting experience may include pheasant, quail or chukar partridge or combination of species. Crooked Foot Hunt Club has more than 300 acres of mixed habitat.

Crooked Foot Hunt Club was opened by owner Anthony Mazzali in 2016.  The decision to enter into the business was centered around a dream of building a family business to pass on to the next generation.  Tony wanted to create something along side with his wife, Pam, that would be exciting, focused on the outdoors, rewarding and something unique to evolve their four children.

When Tony started the business, one of his main objectives was to renovate the existing building into the clubhouse it is today.  This was a project that involved redesigning a beautiful welcome area.

There are few things as fulfilling as operating a safe, sustainable, exciting business that gets people outside and enjoying life.  Our mission at Crooked Foot is taking any upland experience and make it about spending precious moments with friends and family.

Tony Mazzali (Owner)